About Us

Your grocery is our passion

Dukanline Mystore is one of fastest growing retail startup company in India. We offer a portfolio of products, including Grocery and non-perishable food items. Our retail sells comestibles/commodities such as spices, peppers, sugar and other consumer goods like the cottage products too. It is purely a family store; The Store will have over 5,000+ products, the range which fulfils all your grocery needs. Dukanline Mystore, offers quality products made available below the MRP. And promoting the individual entrepreneurs as owners through Dukanline Mystore outlets. We are giving franchisestores in Mandal level that connect to rural market place directly. Even a graduate from village can become our dealer and he can supply that goods to the child store that would be open in the village level. The Dukanline Mystore will operate with good ambience between 2000-4000 sq ft in size.

Our core

  • Integrity,
  • commitment to the Community,
  • Tradition,
  • Innovation,
  • less price,
  • Quality

and from adulterated products are our core values

Our Vision

Delivering customer satisfaction is about providing timely, responsive service with integrity, simplicity passion for excellence while meeting or exceeding the customer expectations. Hence People will be disappointed shopping with any store.

Towards 'Make in India' goal, we are two more steps ahead. Promoting our products as well as creating brands. To encourage the cottage industries in villages is one of our core project. And will give our Brand to the cottage products to get best price through our store. We rebrand the original products and sell them in our store

Our Mission

To value our associates and exceed the customer's expectations. Our store would be user friendly digital cash less transactions. We want to be a part of Digital India with transparency in transactions. We are Happy to announce that, Dukanline Mystore would be the first store at mandal level with logistics. Dukanline Mystore Products will have competitive prices when compare with big corporate stores.

Additional Features

  • Surgical strike on cash transitions in village and Mandal level.
  • Provide the best quality goods with traditional values.
  • One stop solution for grocery
  • Dukanline Mystore aims towards making our society a very strong at economy as well as to bring transparency in transactions.
  • Dukanline Mystore will target to sell quality products of 750 branded products which will have 5000+ variety of goods. No scope to adulterated products.

Our future Goal

We offer fresh and fine products from well known brand as well as local farms. Our customers are our life bread; that's why we offer the best price and quality products. When my customer comes to Dukanline Mystore, he will have trust on us. Our team and dealers are very friendly and hard working people. We design our shops to exceed all expectation. We strive to ensure your experience at My store is an unforgettable one, because Your Grocery is Our Passion and value for money.